Open Enterprise Server 23.4 Updated ISO


OpenText is pleased to announce the availability of Open Enterprise Server 23.4 Updated ISO. This update includes fixes for the following issues:

  1. Xen Hypervisor Upgrading from the earlier OES versions to OES 23.4 in a Xen Hypervisor environment results in eDirectory failure.
  2. Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) Upgrading from the earlier OES versions to OES 23.4 fails, when the eDirectory tree administrator password is not the same as the domain administrator password
  3. Firewall After upgrading from the earlier OES versions to OES 23.4, the firewall is enabled by default
  4. Firewall Ports After upgrading from the earlier OES version to OES 23.4, the firewall ports are disabled by default
  5. Cluster The splitlock detect is enabled by default which can result in cluster crash during cluster resource migration or while making clusters online



  1. Review Open Enterprise Server 23.4 release notes and planning for the upgrade
  2. Download from SLD and install or upgrade
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Additional Resources

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