Your Network Called – It’s Time To Upgrade To Open Enterprise Server 2015



Your network is currently struggling with the following problems:

First and foremost, your network is close to, or currently at its storage capacity limit, a problem that needs to be addressed immediately considering the ever-increasing amount of data your business uses on a daily basis. Secondly, your end users can’t easily access the applications and programs they need to complete their tasks. And thirdly, when they do gain access to these tools, they are often impacted by slow load times and operational inefficiencies.

The performance of your business’s network, in other words, is directly linked to the performance of your end users; when your network under performs, your end users under perform as productivity slows down and frustration mounts. So if you’re facing these problems, it’s time to consider looking for a way to give your network the boost it needs to drive better results.

One easy—and affordable—way you can give your network a boost is to upgrade your shared network services platform from Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES) 11 to the newly-released OES 2015 version. Open Enterprise Server 2015 is a best-in-class solution for distributing shared network services like print and file services, as well as directory, clustering, backup Web applications and more.

So, why should you upgrade to OES 2015?

You’ll find in OES 2015 a solution that comes with a noticeably larger amount of storage (up to 8 exabytes), versus 8 Terabytes that OES 11 previously supported. With this much storage capacity, your business can confidently embrace new technologies and connected solutions without having to worry about reaching its ceiling.

OES 2015 also comes with expanded access to Novell Storage Services (NSS), which in the past was reserved exclusively for Micro Focus eDirectory users. Now, all eDirectory and Active Directory users and environments can use NSS. Further, this version comes with a unified view of NSS configuration settings for all volumes and pools for easy customization.

Other exciting additions to OES 2015 include SMBv2 protocol support, and improved file access performance as well as new enhancements to the Micro Focus iPrint service.

Want to learn more about why you should upgrade to OES 2015? Check out our top ten reasons. And keep in mind that we’re running a special promotion: Upgrade or deploy a new OES 2015 Cluster Services setup, and receive four additional cluster nodes for free if you purchase maintenance at list price on those nodes.


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