Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 Update 2 is now shipping!


Hope you are staying safe and healthy under these challenging times.


We announced the GA of Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 during May 2020 and followed it up with an Update 1 during the month of July 2020.


We are now ready with the Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 Update 2. This update includes several customer reported issues as well as security and usability improvements.



The Update 2 is available over a channel. The desktop clients (client for OES and iPrint clients) are available on the download site.


Key Highlights:

  •  Update to eDirectory 9.2.3 and iManager 3.2.3
  • Update to SLES 12 SP5 (includes the recommended update for timezone)
  • TLS 1.2 support across several OES and iPrint services
  • CIS (Cloud Integrated Storage)
    • Improved CIS client for macOS usability
    • Support for 3rd party CA certificate
    • Enhanced DST to CIS migration
  • Fixed the patching cluster issue when iPrint Advanced configured
  • Support for Windows 10, version 20H2
  • Fixes to several customer reported issues


Along with the Open Enterprise Server 2018 Update 2, we are also shipping Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP1 Update 9 and Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP1 iPrint for OES Update 10.


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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!


Note: The issue mentioned below is now addressed. If you have previously installed the withdrawn update, then, reinstall the refreshed update available on the channel.

Details of the Issue: After installing the update, NSS volumes were no longer accessible

If you have already installed the update and facing the issue, then, please run following command at the server terminal to recover access to the NSS volumes:

# systemctl start ncp2nss

# systemctl enable ncp2nss


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