Updating DSfW Environment to AD2008 R2 Level - Beta Planned



In this blog we describe purpose, scope, and participation details for beta of the much awaited release.


Domain Services for Windows(DSfW) as we know is a wrapper around eDirectory. It integrates with applications developed for Active Directory(AD), with core information still stored inside eDirectory. Schema is the foundation, a fundamental part of AD or any directory service for that matter. It defines various objects and attributes which various features of directory use.

AD has new release every 4-5 years, and AD on Windows Server 2016 is the most recent one. DSfW, while working with most of major AD based applications, is on a schema level equivalent to AD on Windows Server 2003. Now we are moving to schema level equivalent to AD schema included with Windows Server 2008 R2. Updating schema level of existing DSfW server forms the scope of current beta.

This is first phase of the update. Subsequent beta updates before the final release will include AES enryption support and Fine grained password policy support. The final release will also update schema support to AD in Windows Server 2012.


  1. With updated schema level, the applications which integrate to later releases of AD can work better in DSfW environment.

  • AES encryption support provides tighter security to the domain.

  • Fine Grained password policy enables user and group level configuration of password policies from mmc console.


If you are interested in signing up for the Beta, do drop a note to pmadhan@microfocus.com and Chitradevi.Kumaraswamy@microfocus.com with a subject line ‘Interested in Domain Services for Windows Beta Program’.


These enhancements can help "Open Enterprise Server" admins remain compatible with application ecosystem of later Active Directory releases.



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