Domnic Mendes, who had a positive experience with this tool, thought aMSN would be a good addition to Cool Tools.

aMSN is an free open source MSN Messenger clone, featuring:
  • Display pictures
  • Custom emoticons
  • Multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported)
  • Sign in to more than one account at once
  • File transfers
  • Group support
  • Normal, and animated emoticons with sounds
  • Chat logs
  • Event alarms
  • Webcam support
  • History in color
  • Ability to autoclose the filetransfer window when it is finished
  • New plugins log window (Alt-P)
  • Plugins compatible with supported languages
  • Faster loading skin window
  • Skins in chatwindow
  • Resizable chatwindow bottom
  • When you add a new user, you can define in which group you want to add them
  • When a contact change status, the top of the chat window changes color ( green for away, grey for offline, etc.)
  • New panel GUI to alert when there's a new aMSN version
  • Possibility to download the new release directly by aMSN
  • Automatically update language files and plugins from the web
  • New gui for deleting users (also possible to block on deletion)
  • Possible to add notes for each user (XML)
  • Support for MSN Mobile service
  • Tabbed windows so you can group conversations using tabs
  • Status is displayed inside a frame, so it won't dissapear when you scroll
  • Display picture in notification alert (like MSN 7)
  • Statistics for history (logging)
  • Now possible to choose any state for your login status (before it was only possible to login invisible or online)
  • Timestamping

But that's not all! More features can be added to aMSN with plugins, or for the adventurous, completely change the look of aMSN with different skins!


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