RConsoleJX: Updated RConsoleJ for OS X 10.7 Lion

Years ago Jeffrey D. Sessler created an OS X application bundle for the standard RconsoleJ that Novell ships with ConsoleOne. That original post is at: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/trench/346.html

Some time later, Andrew Miller updated it for Java 1.5 and Intel Macs. His post is at:

Since my copy of RconsoleJ for OS X was from Jeffrey and OS X 10.7 Lion no longer supports PowerPC applications at all, I went ahead and created a new bundle to update the Java version to 1.6 , use the proper RconsoleJ icon, and generate the latest OS X Swing calls. I have tested it on Lion, but it should also work on Intel Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Like its predecessors, it runs like bog-standard RconsoleJ, just on a Mac. If you load the Rconag6.nlm module on your NetWare server, then you can use RconsoleJ to connect to the console remotely. Since I still have dozens of NetWare servers I cannot live without it.

Bugs: Secure connections still seem to take forever to start. Unsecure connections are, well, unsecure but FAST. Also worth noting is that sometimes keys on a Mac keyboard (like DELETE and ALT) don't work with RconsoleJ unless you either add the fn key to the mix. CTRL should usually be substituted with the Command ("Apple") key.


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