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How do I check the error messages in Retain?

I've received Retain Cumulative Error Report and it says Error messages: (These are not comprehensive. See the logs for more info.) 

com.gwava.archive.exceptions.RetainWorkerException: FATAL ERROR ! Exception on mailbox: xxxx Please contact the Administrator. Original error message: null , Code: d715at com.gwava.gweasysoap.EasySoap.login1( com.gwava.gweasysoap.EasySoap.( com.gwava.gweasysoap.GWSoapClient.( com.gwava.caapi.process.RetainDredger.processMailboxes( com.gwava.caapi.process.RetainDredger.processNormalJob(

How do I check the error messages in Retain?  What is the FATAL Error exception message mean?


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    Login as 'admin' to Retain. Click on the Retain logo at the top left.  The value for 'logHome' is the location of your Retain log files.  Here is the Retain 4.11 chapter on Log Files - 

    Your Fatal Error with GroupWise error code d715 means the mailbox of xxxx is in Intruder Lockout mode, therefore the Retain Worker can not gain access to that mailbox to archive it.


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  • Another possibility is to enable Reporting! Maybe you have to create a Bootstrap and upload a created configuration file.

    However Reporting helps a lot to tell you which job reports errors caused on which mailbox!

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