How do I check what my current retain index size?

how do I check what my current retain index size is? 

I've upgrade my retain to 4.11 and now needs to update to the Solr 8 Indexing Enging.  Recommendation on the installation notes is that I need to have 3.5 times the current index size.

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    Login as 'admin' to Retain.  Go to Configuration  >  Server Configuration  >  Storage  >  click on 'Advanced Settings'  >  uncheckmark 'Derive all file locations from above base path?  > you are presented with a list of paths.  In this list, depending on what stage you are in doing the Solr indexing engine upgrade, you will see one or two entries of "Index Path".  The Solr 7 one will be named "Index Path" if you have not yet 'Configured' the Solr 8 Index Path.  Now get the disk size of this Solr 7 directory structure.  Take that size and multiple it by 3.5.


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  • Do not forget that there is an additional backup directory eating some more disc space Innocent

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