large Solr8 index trips up and now Solr7 is at same % done. just switch?

Solr8 initial index run got to 81% and then something set it and Solr7 back, first seeing both at 79%

Some how the Solr8 run also caused Veeam to struggle with its backup suddenly up to 48 hours after the first day or so. We've paused that backup for now

they are now both in lock step, up to 84% after just over a day.

Options I am debating and would like your thoughts

- just making the switch to Solr8 and leave Solr7 in the dust?

- add cores,  only two on it.   of course this requires downing the server for a bit.

- just rebooting the vm after a problem shut down.


Andy of in Toronto
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