Idea ID: 2830185

Export Audit Table Report Modification

Status: Waiting for Votes

The current "Export Audit Table" report shows the user that connected to someones mailbox, the mailbox that they connected to, the Retain Message ID, the date-time that they connected and the action that they performed (for example Viewed). If you ever need to look-up the actual e-mail that was viewed, the RetainServer GUI has no way of looking up the e-mail by its Retain Message ID. You must perform a database query to get information about the e-mail based on it's Message ID. There needs to be a non-database-query option for looking up the e-mail based on its Message ID; OR more information needs to be provided for each e-mail in the "Export Audit Table" report. My request is that in addition to the date that the e-mail was accessed, you ALSO show the date-time of the e-mail itself. We already know the Mailbox in question, so with the date-time of the e-mail, we can look at the e-mail using the RetainServer GUI.