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How to quickly see if someone is using Retain at the moment?

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An addition to the Status screen in some way would be to show if someone is busy on the system or if any jobs are running now or shortly will be.

For many organizations, Retain isn't in active use all the time, opening the possibility of performing maintenance (updates, patches, expand space) during the day that has short outages. Except there isn't a clear way to know if someone else is using it.  Please provide a way.

Just has to be as simple as
  #  users logged in
  #  Jobs running
  #  Jobs to start in next hour

Having to broadcast to the potential users is just so interruptive and unprofessional.


Andy of in Toronto
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  • Getting information from the past and jobs/execution/user archiving and logins is currently quite quick to obtain from retain.

    When you have reporting and monitoring set up and have schedule names 'meaningful created',  the job overview page can help you as well, delivering information on which schedules and jobs are active at the moment. so you know when to look for.

    Also if you want to know 'what has been archived by mailbox' you can quickly query the archiving stats by going to 1.'Status & Updates" 2. 'Archiving Stats' 3. Select Summary  in the drop down.

    This will show you a overview of 'when something was archived by mailbox rather than need to go through various jobs and configurations.

    If you want to know which user logged in when, to get an estimate on usage of your retain-system, you can use the auditing feature.

    This lets you create a report on user logins based on your wanted date range.

    So you can get an estimate, when it would be the safest to do maintenance on your system.

    However in conclusion, these are all multiple steps needed to be done, in order to gather that information which requires labor.

    A daily overview of scheduled events, planned jobs, recent archiving errors/stats all in one place, would indeed be highly beneficial for easier monitoring.

  • Yes, I was being lazy on the job bit, more just adding it into the request to save a minute or two each time for those of us with just one or two jobs in the queue.   But what about systems where someone got carried away with overly granular jobs with a number of small PostOffices.

    Also wondering if some larger searches can be spun off and running without it showing an active user logged in.


    Andy of in Toronto
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  • Andy,

    yes, a good idea is to see if there are active users.

    But I think overview shows active jobs or nearby jobs ...

    Well I have to push a Find button

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