Micro Focus Retain 4.8 is now released!

We’re pleased to announce that Retain 4.8 is now available!

Our latest release features these enhancements:

  • Additional Android file types can now be viewed

  • If a sender/recipient is not recognized as an internal user for both PIN & SMS messages, a mock email address is used when forwarding (e.g. Phone_numberRetain@test.com)

  • MySQL 8.0 is now supported

  • Archived GroupWise shared folders content can be made available to current subscribers via the “Show shared folders” option in the GroupWise module

  • The access right to run the licensing report has been moved from "Manage Users and Groups" to "Access all audit logs".

  • Implement alternate Java garbage collector

  • Social Media Governance (SMG) enhancements, including:

    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and SharePoint are supported for capture and Supervision

  • Add the SMG channel name to the message properties

  • Moved the SMG channels to the profile page

  • Display all SMG messages under the “Social Media Governance” folder

These new features add to the already great feature set, including multi-platform email archiving, mobile communication archiving, and social media governance. The recently released Social Media Governance platform, includes archiving for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, WhatsApp, and many other platforms!

Don’t forget...Current customers are eligible for a FREE upgrade to Retain 4.8!
For more information about this release and for instructions on upgrading, click HERE.

To download the latest release, visit the Micro Focus Customer Center.


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Comment List
  • The Filr 4 new GUI looks are pretty good. I was hoping the GW WebAcc team had taken a look at what the usability team and the designers had done there, unfortunately they're still living in their own world.

    A consistent MF GUI design should really be a prio one, the GWAVA GUI's, Vibe, GroupWise are a mess of something from everything. Customers abandoning just cause of the 90ish look should say enough, not mentioning new customers. You just can not show these GUI's to potential new customers. Then no one at MF seems to care about this.
  • My customers have same complains about the GUI , look and feel end of 90-ties. Is time to make NG version like GroupWise WebAccess.


  • I get a log of complaints about the GUI, can this get a needed update plz :)
  • Hi,
    we see big move to PostgreSQL ( Filr, ZENWorks etc ) , but Retain seems to stuck with old 9+ versions, will you change this ?


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