Retain Unified Archiving... What’s new regarding Social and Collaborative content in 4.8.1?


Retain Unified Archiving is an archiving solution that supports GroupWise and securely archives email, appointments, files and attachments, as well as other email platforms, social media, and mobile communication data. Retain is unique in that it can archive multiple systems simultaneously, so if you are using GroupWise and Exchange, along with social media and mobile communication, Retain can archive all of this information in one central archive.

Beginning with Retain 4.7, Micro Focus has introduced enhanced capabilities surrounding the ability for archiving Social and Collaborative content by leveraging Micro Focus' Social Media Governance platform.  Most recent additions were Skype for Business.and SharePoint support, allowing  Organizations that use these Microsoft tools along with with Exchange or Office 365 now have the ability to archive Skype for Business and SharePoint message data content via Micro Focus' Social Media Governance platform and Retain. This allows you to have oversight on your Skype for Business conversations, SharePoint collaborative content, and manage that data, and ensure regulatory compliance. Skype for Business and SharePoint archiving are performed alongside archiving of Exchange and/or Office 365.

To learn more about Retain 4.8.1 and all the new features, view the home page for Retain and the highlights surrounding the Micro Focus Social Media Governance Platform. This link provides you with a complete overview of Retain and the latest updates for Micro Focus' Social Media Governance Platform.

So what does this mean to you?

If you currently archive Exchange or Office 365 with Retain, you can now archive Skype for Business and SharePoint. All you have to do is upgrade to the latest version of Retain. If you are not archiving Exchange or Office 365 with Retain, you can start archiving your email today and archive Skype for Business as well. It is easy to get your FREE 30-Day trial right now!

For those of you who are currently using Retain, there is one other feature that is of interest. Retain allows you to have multiple modules that support the same email platform. The use case would be, if you are running multiple instances of the same email system, say, for example four GroupWise systems. Retain can archive all four of those systems simultaneously and seamlessly. This allows for a true unified archive, where all data, no matter the system, or number of systems, is archived in one central archive.

Archiving Social Media

Retain 4.8.1 also features integration with Micro Focus' Social Media Governance Platform. This integration helps ensure that your social media communication data is captured and your company is compliant with archiving regulations. Retain and our Social Media Governance Platform work together to archive Microsoft Teams, Skype, Yammer, ShraePoint, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, Pinterest, Cisco Jabber and Google posts into one central repository. The entire social media history is captured in its original context, which allows you to see message threads, view photos, and watch videos as they originally appeared. Retain and Social Media Governance provide the ability to configure and control supervision polices on all social content captured via the Social Media Governance Platform as well as providing complete configurable retention rules that allow you to control the related disposition requirements/periods of archived data. This new solution gives you immediate and complete access to all your company social media communication data. Search, perform eDiscovery, and export social media communication data from the central archive, along with your employees’ email, and mobile message data.

Archiving Text Messages

In addition to social media and email archiving, Retain archives text messages, multimedia messages, and phone call logs for BlackBerry and Android. For iOS, Retain archives secure text messages and phone call logs through integration with TeleMessage. Click here to learn more about archiving text messages and mobile device communication data.



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