MS SQL Query to capture all 'SMTP Forwarded' messages


I had a request to write a query that would show all messages that had been SMTP Forwarded.  The 'SMTP Forward' option is a specific setting within Retain that allows archived messages to be forwarded to another retention system.  See for additional information.  I am not a database administrator and there is probably a more elegant way to do this.  With some help, here is the query I came up with :

Select dt, targetUserid, f_first, f_last, f_email

FROM Audit

JOIN t_abook

ON action = 'sf';

This should return five columns of data.  The 'dt' column data will be the Unix timestamp.  The data can be imported into a spreadsheet application and the Unix timestamp column can be converted to a human readable format.  There is most likely a way to convert the Unix timestamp within the query itself, but I have not figured out how to do this.


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