GroupWise Messenger Archiving with Retain!

As those who use GroupWise Messenger know, this solution is a great secure instant messaging solution for any organization. GroupWise Messenger allows for real-time chat on desktop or mobile devices. With GroupWise Messenger you can give your users the functionality and features of a public IM tool, but without the risks of those types of tools. And with GroupWise Messenger all data stays under your control!

The features of GroupWise Messenger include:

  • Secure instant message delivery with eDirectory user authentication and SSL message encryption

  • A contact list that displays user information based on the information available in the Micro Focus eDirectory

  • Fully-secured iOS and Android mobile applications

  • Support for Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms

  • On-premise delivery

  • User presence indicators showing when users are online, busy, away, idle, or a custom-defined status within GroupWise and Vibe

  • Presence indicator blocking

  • Multi-user conversations

  • Conversation saving

  • A searchable corporate-level conversation archive

  • Broadcasts

  • Personal history

  • Chat rooms

With this full-featured enterprise instant messaging tool, you can give your employees a safe, secure way to ask quick questions, share links, huddle for a joint decision, exchange ideas, and brainstorm. Messenger enhances productivity, enables mobility, and most importantly, it keeps your company’s data safe and sound.

And for all GroupWise customers, GroupWise Messenger comes included with GroupWise, at no additional cost.

With how great GroupWise Messenger is, there was one thing that was missing - a central, accessible, system-wide archive. But now with the latest release of Retain, you can archive all instant messaging communication for GroupWise Messenger. This includes instant messages, group conversations, chat rooms, and broadcast messages. Retain allows you to have a central, accessible, searchable, system-wide archive of all GroupWise Messenger data. Retain is an add-on product to GroupWise.

 GroupWise Messenger in Retain

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