Welcome SMG Version 7.1


Welcome to SMG Version 7.1 

The Social Media Governance Team is pleased to announce the release of Social Media Governance version 7.1 We have a number of updates in this upcoming release – including updates to our Slack API and WeChat onboarding.

Slack Integration Update 

If you are using Micro Focus SMG to monitor your Slack workspace, you may have been notified about changes coming to Slack's DLP program. As a result, we have updated our MICRO FOCUS SMG platform to accommodate these changes. Note that this will require no action on your behalf and will not impact your monitoring program at all. Just one more way we are keeping you up to date!

Micro Focus is a member of Slack’s exclusive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) partner program. Slack has recently announced several updates to this DLP API that Micro Focus SMG leverages as the source of its integration. In fact, if you are presently leveraging Micro Focus SMG to monitor your organization’s Slack workspace, you likely have received a notice from Slack indicating this DLP API will be updated in February 2020. As part of Micro Focus SMG 7.1, we are updating our existing Slack connector to accommodate these API updates.  Please note the following regarding this update and its impact for you and your organization:

  • What does this mean for our Slack monitoring capabilities? There will be no change in the monitoring or functionality that you currently enjoy with the Micro Focus SMG – Slack integration. This update further optimizes our integration and ensures Micro Focus SMG is leveraging the latest updates from Slack.
  • What do you need to do when this update is released? Your organization will not be required to take any action once this update is released. Micro Focus SMG will leverage your existing integration, and no re-authorization will be required.

WeChat Enhanced On-Boarding

We have made a few improvements to our WeChat on-boarding process - making the flow easier and more efficient for your employees to connect their WeChat accounts.


Enhanced Authorization Processing We have provided several updates and enhancements to the process of onboarding / authorizing WeChat accounts to Micro Focus SMG’s protection and monitoring capabilities. These updates will help to further optimize the following key areas of this process:

  • Account authorization – during this process, we have updated the process of retrieval and scanning of QR codes for more efficient onboarding.
  • Maintaining authorizations – we have recognized several scenarios which could lead to temporary loss of authorization and have provided additional safeguards to help minimize these impacts.

Events – Display Details of Malicious Link Events

When policy violations are triggered as a result of our ‘Detect Malicious Links’ rule, Micro Focus SMG provides additional details indicating the reason for a link being flagged as malicious. This information was not made available with the initial launch of our new Events module / feed in Micro Focus SMG 7.0. This information is available once again with the Micro Focus SMG 7.1 release.


The “Why is this link a threat?” option will be available in the available evidence for the ‘Detect Malicious Links’ policy rule, as indicated in the screenshot below. Clicking this will display additional information related to the link. Please note this is available both directly within the Events feed, as well as the Quick View dialog for the associated message and policy violation.

Profiles – Events List Loading Spinner

Within the Events page of the Profiles module, changing either the applied filter criteria or sort order can take a few moments to update your display. Previously no indication of this action was evident until it was complete, and the displayed events changed. With Micro Focus SMG 7.1, a ‘loading’ spinner will be displayed with any change of selections in the ‘Filter’ or ‘Sort By’ menus – thus, providing you with clear visual indication that your changes are being applied.

Defend – Asset Review List Loading Spinner

Identical in nature to the new ‘loading’ spinner within the Profile module’s Events page, this same update is being applied to the Defend module’s Asset Review page. Here, any changes to the selections within the ‘Filter’ or ‘Sort By’ menus will display this visual indication that your selections are being applied.



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