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Storage Manager on OES 2023?

Is Storage Manager supported on OES 2023?  Is there a newer version available somewhere? I cannot find any information anywhere on it.  Thanks.


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    Storage Manager for eDirectory 5.3.2 was released in January 2023, providing support for installation on OES 2023 systems. The 5.3.2 release includes both the 5.3.1 RPM packages (for installation on OES 2018 SP3) and the 5.3.2 packages (for installation on OES 2023.) There are technical differences between OES 2018 SP3 and OES 2023 that required the creation of separate RPMs for these platforms, but in terms of Storage Manager functionality they are identical.

    You should be able to download Storage Manager for eDirectory 5.3.2 from your SLD portal. If you cannot, please open a support case for your organization or your customer's organization to ensure that the SLD portal properly grants you access to these downloads. Thanks!

  • Thanks Grant. I just see this in the SLD:

    And inside that I see these versions:

    Is there something newer? I opened a ticket, but it usually takes a while to get a response.

    I also found these docs:

    Are there versions that fix these issues available yet?


  • If you're not seeing the latest release in the SLD portal, you'll need to open an issue to sort that out. That's not something that can be diagnosed or resolved through community discussions, as resolution would be account-specific.

    The information you've linked is still accurate. It's not an 'issue', really—just a difference in how these packages should be installed, especially in an environment where packages should be managed through zypper as a best practice.

  • I'm in an email back and forth with the licensing folks right now.  They are pretty clueless, they have no idea  about a 5.3.2 version.  They only know about a 5.3.0 version.  Pretty typical in dealing with them.  Micro Focus likes to make this difficult on its customers (you expect to have access to the software you paid for?)!