NSM-Collaborative and Netstorage display(dont work)

Just configured the collaborative storage as per the collaborative video.
Everything except the Netstorage display of the paths is working.
The directories created from the templates are fine the rights are all
working. When you logi into Netstorage as a admin or user you dont see
any of the collaborative directories foe submitting and revision etc....

what must the configs be for netstorage to "see" the paths and

Should the policy be part of the user policy instead of being separate?

here is a part of the config file relating to collaborative setup

Assigned Object: Course-Modules.Students.uz
User Paths: --->NONE<---
User Maximum Unavailable Paths: 0
User Quota: 0
User Quota Ceiling: 0
User Quota Increment: 0
User ACL:
User Template:
User SetDefaultServer: 0
User Leveling Algorithm: 0
User Balancing Algorithm: 0
User Delete Wait: 0
User Move Throttle: 0
User Move Schedule:
User WorkFlow:
Group Path=UZFP002/USERS:\Courses
Group Maximum Unavailable Paths=100
Group Quota=500
Group ACL=
Group Template=
Group Balancing Algorithm=1
Group Delete Wait=0

------- E N G I N E W O R K I N P R O G R E S S -----
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