OES 2018 and SM for eDirectory


Wondering if there will be an update / patch soon to allow the engine
and agents to run on OES 2018 servers? My experimenting shows that allow
the rpms will load, the service won't start.

My storage manager server is my last remaining oes 2015 box :(

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  • On 2/26/2018 5:04 AM, lca25 wrote:
    > Ditto regarding the OP's question. We would like to start upgrading to
    > OES2018, but have questions concerning StorageManager support.
    > Will OES2018 be supported? If so, when can we expect something?
    > Regards
    > Larry

    We do expect to support OES 2018 in the very near future and are
    actively working on that support.

    -- NFMS Support Team