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Note that with the introduction of Novell Storage Manager 3.0.1, policy definitions are no longer stored as objects in eDirectory, but have been moved to a local database on the server hosting the NSM Engine.

This DOS Batch Script queries eDirectory to output a handful of CSV format reports aimed at Novell Storage Manager 2.5x administrators. Useful to quickly find:

    • The Target Path applied to a container OU, etc.(*)


    • A list of all unique Target Paths(*)(**)


    • A list of all Novell Volumes


    • A list of any users in your Tree without Home Directories


    • A list of any users in your Tree having the temporary Proxy Home Path


    • A sample LDIF File (under some circumstances)

Save the script in the link as ICE-NSM.cmd (new extension), and then right-click to Edit each opening "set XYZ=" according to your own environment.

Tested for NSM 2.5x. Requires:

    • ICE.EXE, typically installed by your eDirectory Snap-In for ConsoleOne


    • Something to view CSV spreadsheets

ICE-NSM [optional Bind Password, skip for Anonymous LDAP]

* Archaic results and not supported in NSM 3.x.
** This report assumes unique Volume Object names in your Tree, which they are by default as "UniqueServer_VolumeName".



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