Web Server Work Path scope for file system contention in 9.1?


We are in the process of upgrade from 8.3 to 9.1. We are hosting the SDK in a web service and so part of our initialisation is to call TrimApplication.SetAsWebservice(workPath). One thing we noticed under 8.3 is that under a heavy load of concurrent web service calls, we logged many file locking errors from the SDK trying to access files in that directory. We implemented a fix which was to generate a sub-folder for each request which is then deleted when the web service instance is disposed.

Under 9.3 however we have observed that the initialisation of the SDK and the value of TrimApplicaiton.WebServerWorkPath is retained across requests. That is, where we prviously initialsed and set a work path at the beginning of each request, we now only need to do it for the first request after an app pool start and all subsequent requests will use those settings.

My only conern though is that this will cause the file locking issues to occur again when under load as we will no longer be able to generate a directory per-request. Is this accurate or is this no longer a concern since 8.3?

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