Removal of location assocation/realationship via DataPort

HP RM 8.11.7760

We are trying to remove/add location associations via DataPort. We are able to add but not remove, as detailed here QCCR2D57200:

Wondering if there has been any progress or update on this issue? I cant seem to find anything else related on the forum or knowledge base search. 

Does anyone have any idea's or solutions for how to remove location relationships via DataPort? Eg, Can we import a value to blank out the relationships and then import the required relationships etc?

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    Unfortunately, this was closed listed as "by design" 

    The behaviour cited is by design to ensure that customers needing to update data (particularly on a regular basis) don't need to have all of the information about the object they are attempting to update.

    I do agree that it should be available, perhaps an enhancement request to have it as an optional setting?

  • Thanks Greg. By design sounds a bit strange and I wouldn't really agree with that rationale as it assumes an "add" only update to the location and obviously does not accomodate other update scenarios for the removal of a relationship.

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