CM9.2 Check in Styles - how to remove when linked to Outlook


We have huge turnover of users, and when staff leave, they usually don't think about unlinking their Outlook folders from any Check In Style.

We don't remove inactive users from our locations table, because their names are usually embedded in the records somewhere, either as creator, editor, or just as an addressee in email.

As an Administrator working with front end business (rather than being an Admin who works for our Information Management Branch), is there any way to delete Check In Styles for users no longer active in CM? I have a long list of check in styles cluttering up the table because the "style is associated with a check in place that is used by the outlook add-in". In previous versions of TRIM, when we used document queues, I was able to delete any that were associated with inactive users, so clean up was easy. Even if the user has completely left employment here, and no longer have any Outlook presence at all, I still can't remove these.

Is there anything that can be done?


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  • Hi Brian,

    I can see this is an old query dating back to last year but I have just taken over the Admin role for the company i work for and am having the same issue. 

    I am trying to remove some check in styles for a former person that was working for us - so she is still in as an internal person, but she has been made inactive - will this make any difference to whether what you suggested works or not?