CM DataPort - "Update on duplicate was enabled but no unique identifier was mapped" (9.12.1123)

Hi All, 

We are trying to update the user accounts ID Number field from the data in the network login field. When we attempt to map the source fields to the target properties (Network login; ID Number; Additional Network Login and Unique Identifier) I can see that the 'Unique Identifier' table is not available in the list of available items target properties. However, to update the user accounts using the rules 'Update on duplicate' and  'Must match - Never create a new location', we get the following error: 

"Update on duplicate was enabled but no unique identifier was mapped. Setting update on duplicate to false"

As stated before, the 'Unique Identifier' target property is not in the list of available items. 

Has anyone found this issue with their versions? Is there a workaround '@microfocus'? 

Any comments will be much appreciated. 


  • My memory m ay be playing tricks on my but I believe that in 9.1 we did not support using Unique Identifier as a Location ID.  What options do you have in the 'Property to use...' dropdown?





  • Hi David, 

    That option is not available on the version I'm on, but the application is expecting me to target it, even though the target property is now showing. Do you know if there is another value I can use to target a particular location? 



  • Hi, 

    I just tried using the TRIMDataPortConfig.exe contained within version 9.3 Patch 1 Build 300. I got the following error: 

    Error Id: 1 Uri: 0 Details: Method not found: 'HP.HPTRIM.SDK.LookupItem HP.HPTRIM.SDK.LookupSet.FindItemByName(System.String)'.

    The location match options were there. Unfortunately they are not in version 9.1.2 1123.

    I suspected that this woudn't work, bit it was worth giving it a try. 


  • IF I remember correctly, you can only update a Location IF it can be uniquely identified.  Since the ID Number field (and also I suppose, the Unique Name field, which I just saw for the first time) would uniquely identify a location along with the Location name.

    Thus you cannot update on duplicate by the name alone.  This means that the import file must contain both the Location Name AND the ID Number that will match the existing Location record which already must have the Name and ID Number populated within it.

  • Thanks for the response. The issue I have is that most of the locations don't have the ID number field populated. What I wanted to do is to move the login details which happens to be their employee ID to the ID number field. 

    Would a vb script using CM SDK work in this instance? 

    It looks like I will have to log a ticket with MicroFocus, for them to advise if my current CM version has a bug as the import process is expecting the location to data source mapping via CM9 unique identifier number. 

  • Up until recently importing Locations did not support matching on Uri.  This was by design, not a bug.  Ti import data to existing Locations you had to be able to identify a unique Location using either: ID Number, Name (Sort Name) or Emai Address.

    If you cannot match Locations in this way then you will need to write an SDK app.