Change action due date without being a Records Manager


The situation I have is that users need to be able to change the due date (or extend the duration) of an action.

Prior to the licensing model changes that came in with RM8.1 it was possible for a user to be able to be granted the "Actions administrator" permission, but now a user needs to be at least a Records Manager in order to be able to have this permission granted.

Records Co-ordinators are able to be granted the "Reschedule actions" permission, but it appears that this only allows them to change the start date of an action, not the end date.

I had hoped that the Record.SetActionDuration method would allow this, but it is also tied to "Actions administrator" permission.

Is there some way for the end date of an action be be modified without being a Records Manager? We're not trying to give users the ability to edit the action templates, just change the due date on an action assigned to a record.

thanks, Mark