Setting the Author on a Record using the Wrapper around the service API

The scenario we have is that our users want to set the Author on a Record, just using a name, through our application. We are integrating with RM8 using the ServiceAPI

I can set the Author property on a record happily using the .NET wrapper around the ServiceAPI, and use the FindBy property on the LocationRef to perform a search for a user.

However the problem comes when there is no user with that name - the Post fails with an argument exception. 

Is there any way to have the serviceAPI create the location if not present ?

I have seen the GUI do something similar when I imported an email, it created a location for the Sender automatically - it's something similar we would like to do ?

Otherwise I will have to make extra calls - to search for the location, and if not present create it , then setup the location ref.

Thanks for any suggestions


  • Sorry, the answer is no.

    You are correct if you import an email (and you have the system option 'Convert all recipients to contacts' enabled) then all recipients will be converted to Record contacts and the Location created if necessary.  This will occur not just in the GUI but also through the ServiceAPI, SDK, ExchangeLink etc.  It is a core capability.

    It would be possible to have an enhancement to the ServiceAPI to auto create the Author if they do not exist.  Would you like me to put a request in?  If so either send me a private message so we can discuss it further or come along to the Melbourne IMGF and we can discuss the ins and outs in person. 

  • It would be good to have it logged as an enhancement.

    I've worked around it within our code, so it does a search by name for the location - if it doesn't exist we create a 'basic' location, and return the uri for that, otherwise we return the uri for the existing location we found.

    Has a similar end result, just it's our code rather than the serviceAPI directly that's creating the new location.

    Thanks for confirming that anyway