How to mapp SharePoint in to TRIM

Hi All,

Our organization trying to integrate SharePoint 2013 server or SharePoint online with TRIM.

Can someone please help me to understand what are the main advantages of integrating TRIM with SharePoint. How SharePoint help to improve TRIM (Record) functionality. Also, I have found the following image, can someone please help me to understand this mapping as I don't have experience in TRIM, I m a SharePoint Developer. 

Much appreciate if you could explain integration architecture for SharePoint libraries with TRIM would be.

Thank you very much.

trimto SP.png

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    Hi NewNW

    Micro Focus have developed substantial documentation to help you understand the SharePoint/Content Manager integration, from an installation and configuration perspective.

    Refer to the "SharePointIntegrationInstall" and "SharePointIntegrationUserGuide" on your Content Manager installation media.

    Your image didn't load for me, but in regards to mapping, the SharePoint to CM integration will automatically match a fair amount of common metadata (title, dates etc.) so you may not need to dive deep into this area at first.