Bulk upload of electronic files


I need to solve two bulk upload issues to Records Manager and I have never really done it and I don't know how to do it.

The first is to upload to a specific folder a variable number of files of different types (xls, doc, jpg, png, etc.) The user provides a list that contains the path, the name of each file and in the name of the folder in which it should be stored. This list is contained in an excel sheet. The user also provides a folder in which all the files are located. The volume of files is very large and adding them manually to the different folders would consume many days.

The second one, I don't know if to call it massive load. What the user requires is that mass ratings are created. For example,A user needs to create a main classification and within them multiple sub classifications.

There are users that generate 900 or more classifications and it takes a long time to do this process. Is there a way to automate this creation of classifications?In this case, the user provides on an excel sheet the name of each classification and how they should be organized.

Someone could tell me if it is possible to achieve these things and if it is possible to explain how I can achieve it. (Practical examples would be helpful)

Beforehand thank you very much.