Electronic Document Preview tab behaviour in HPRM 8.3 build 9088

Would anyone be able to shed light on how I can set the 'Preview' pane to stay set to enable default electronic document viewing when searching for documents for a specific user (not via Global Settings)?

Previously in 7 if you had 'Preview' set for a document type it stayed on, now with 8.3 it will reset back to ' Properties'  see attached

Is this controlled by a local user registry key?



  • Verified Answer

    This was something that "stuck" in the user's preferences in earlier versions.  Personally I hate when it sticks with the preview pane, because audit logs can show I "viewed" a document.... even though I was just flipping through search results.  So not cool when you're in a secure environment!  I wouldn't advise this....

     But, you can achieve this by restricting the permissions on this key within the registry:

    SOFTWARE\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM\DBID\%put_your_dbid_here%\ViewTab

    Within that key you need a new value

    Value Name "6", Value Type "DWORD", Value Data: 2

    That will force the client to always show the second tab in the view pane.  Usually that is the preview tab, but not always.  

    If you need advice beyond that (like how to set the permissions automatically) just let me know.  Again, I wouldn't recommend this.  If you're doing this so that scanner operator or knowledge workers can preview a documents quickly, there are probably better work processes or interfaces you could leverage.