HPRM 'Desktop' versus 'Full' client for non-administrator users

would anyone like to throw a couple of ideas/opinions on the use of HPRM Desktop -  instead of the full client  - for non-administrator users from the viewpoint of making document/folder handling easier?  ie - what are the benefits, downsides, and if they have had feedback from end-users who want to go back to the full client after being deployed with the Desktop (or vice-versa?) 

(Im currently using RM 8.3.9365 but would also really like to find out whether other orgs have gone with this perspective with 9.1 onwards and/or if you have gone with Web Client instead) 

  • CM9.2, Windows 7, Office 2013

    I outlawed Desktop back in our TRIM 7.3.3 days as it seemed to be a bit flaky when it came to using the Edit function, and the users didn't actually notice much difference at all when they were switched over to the full client. 

    I've kept the users on the full client now that we've upgraded to CM9.2 and they're handling it well.  They particularly like the ability to tab between screens for quick navigation.  I also made their lives easier by creating a customised ribbon that contains all of the common functions they use (Edit, Check In, Check Out, Find Records, Send to Favorites, Mail Recipient etc.), so they don't need to move around between the Home, Search and View tabs..   

    We will probably deploy the web client for those that need to access CM from their mobile devices (we have some operational workers who may need to access CM from the field), but I'm holding off for the moment as that's a whole new training session.

  • Totally agree with Heather and we have also created a customized ribbon for the users.  What we really would like to have is for the web client for most of our users and the full client for a small portion of our users.  I believe I had heard that the web client in 9.3 (or was it 9.4) is really what we are going to want as it sounded like it was more user friendly.

    Attached is our customized ribbon.