Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3 towards 8.1 server


The upgrade from 8.1 to 8.3 Patch 1 is hapenning soon, and my company will find ourselfes in the mixed environment with a HPE RM 8.3.0 9088 Client (Win7, Office 2010, SQL 2012-R2) (

The clients for 3000 users will be updated from 8.1 to 8.3 patch 1 on Thursday so until we upgrade the servers on the weekend, we will be pointing towards the current Prod server version 8.1 for 2 days.

A question regarding a customised Ribbon included in a system options / Global Settings in this environment:

In our Prod environment (8.1) we have our System Options and Global Setting and off course no Ribbon.

Now, with HPE RM 8.3 Client we have a customised Ribbon that we want be visible/compulsory to all users in Production environment together with the upgraded list of permissions for a Records Manager user type (in the system options)

This has been tested in DEV and TST. (both Client and Server are 8.3 patch1)

OK, obviously , in order to be seen and active, a new ribbon and these options and Global Settings must be saved in the Production environment. Considering that we even plan to deploy HPE RM 8.3 Client a week before to a 50 users for testing (pointing to a 8.1 server in Prod), how this will influence the users still with 8.1 Clients.

To be precise, How the system know which global settings (The 8.3 Ribbon, System Options) to display to a proper user, according to their Client's version?

Do we have two different sets of options now in the database or?

Is there really any danger in being in this mixed environment?

This is related one of my previous posts:





  • You won't be able to take advantage of the global settings in a mixed environment. As you've already alluded to 8.1 and 8.3 are different and have different requirements for global settings.

  • Thanks, but i tested HPE RM8.3 Client towards the HP Rm8.1 Server , (testing environment for 8.1) and I set up the global settings, system options and ribbon there and it appears to be working. The Ribbon is there, functional. I am just worried about this mixed environment for potential database corruption ...?



  • It will break. Saving globals in a mixed build environment will often result in users not getting ANY global settings in both builds, or only in one of the builds.


  • OK, if they break, at least all users are using the "Profile of Records Manager TEMP", which is not controlled by System Options - permissions settings, rather as a separate profile. So, no extra high permissions for Average User  if the global settings/system options fail.

    What do you mean it will break? What other "damages" or issues we can expect? The customised Ribbon somehow stay.

    This mixed environment is for 50 users 10 days and for 3000 users for 2-3 days.....




  • 'Break' e.g. If you save globals on the new client version, it could stop the previous global settings for TRIM from working.
    So you may end up with 3000 users with settings reverted to defaults.

    This may only occur for users who somehow trigger a 'get global', but there's a few triggers for that.

    If you're prepared to take the risk of ALL users not having anything but default out of the box settings, go for it.

  • Global settings, ,hm, OK, more or less, what about the system options, the ones that hold all other 3000 users as "downgraded records Managers" ...  would this holding will stay? e.g. they will not become a default user type records manager with all privileges assigned by default?



  • The permissions system is also completely different, so yes, there is a risk of permissions not applying correctly and not having the customisations you try and select.

    The best thing you can do here is not change anything in HPRM. No system options, globals, permissions, settings, config. Just dont touch it.

    Wait until all users and the servers are on 8.3.
    If you still want to risk it, make sure all these scenarios are tested first.

  • Thanks,

    It has been tested again, :

    Client 8.3 average user using the newly made "Profile of" Records Manager pointing towards the 8.1 environemnt. Then i did "get global" and globall settings are there together with a customised Ribbon. Permissions OK. I could do save documents, complete actions, do searches  etc...

    Then from the other PC with normal 8.1 Records Manager i connect to the same 8.1 environment, did "get global" and proper 8.1 global settings showed up and i was using it. (No ribbons as the client is 8.1.)

    Logged off from both machines 8.3 and 8.1 and log on again, repeated the "get global settings" respectivelly and all is OK.

    Well, in any case, we must end up in the mixed environment (8.3 Client) pointing to 8.1 Server/database for 2.5 days.

    Certain testing group will be in the mixed enviroment fro a 10 days.

    We cannot avoid this.

    I will be monitoring the Logs and should spot any unusual behaviours, plus the testing group is instructed to report any changes / issues.



  • Yeah thinking about permissions it might be ok if they aren't custom users.
    There were changes with customisations, not the core permission types.
    If they are a default Records Manager permission level that should be ok.

  • Well,

    it appears that you are right. I am finding more issues with this mixed environment and it looks that a lots of workaround is needed to at least get this somehow working, and even then , new issues are arising, not to mention the issues I am not even spotting at all ......

    e.g. when other average users, (Records Manager user type)  still on 8.1 clients do "Get Global" the admin-frame error pops up.... in some cases grey screen as well. Average user's "Profile of" 8.3 Records Manager" cannot assign actions to other , normal records Managers ... They can but only if I made all others "Profile of "The rest of Records Managers"... complicated.... 

    So, I believe that we will go with the upgrade of both at once, the 3000 clients and 55 WGS Servers. I am sure this could be finished within 1 weekend instead of doing Clients 3 days before the Servers.




  • FYI

    We postponned the upgrade due to issues with API Services (slow) used for Integration with other corporate Apps.



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  • Good idea going with the upgrade all at once.

    I've completed similar sized deployments all in a weekend. As long as you plan well and test thoroughly you'll be fine!

  • I was tempted to jump in and say what about 8.3 client to 7.3 workgroups server for a similar number of days, but reading through this post confirms why I didn’t want to do this.

    I have found that RM 8.3 can talk to TRIM 7.3 server but I hadn’t done any testing of this.

    Can someone confirm that once server updated to 8.3 that a TRIM 7.3 cannot communicate anymore? This is what I expect.

    The problem for us is always trying to get 1400 plus clients updated on the upgrade weekend is just not possible