How legal / smart is to have MS Access Databases in TRIM?

Hi, HP RM, Win 7, SQL 2012-R2- MS Office 2010 

What would be arguments against having the MS Access Databases in TRIM Database? the rule: "no databases inside Database" ? What the Records Acts say on this? Company's Record's Keeping Plan, technical issues, any other issues? 

in 10 Mil of Documents we have around 100 MS Access databases in the system, 25% are Peronal, not corporate records. One is particular as it has 900 revisions 25MB done daily sometimes on the WGS server they become stuck in pending / quarantine folders, forcing the WGS to generate large error/warning logs each minute or so. 

Is it harmfull / inpractical to have MS Access databases inside another Database?

Can you express your opinion on this one please?



  • I'll let other records managers debate whether it's the right thing to do.

    As for HPRM, you can prevent people putting certain file types (e.g. mdb) in the system. In Enterprise Studio, create an entry for the file type and de-select the option to allow electronic records of that type to be created.

    Another approach may be to have a record type for access databases where revisions aren't allowed; only replace? You could also suppress content indexing for that type.

  • Thanks Neil,

    Would this be the way how we can exclude certain extensions from entering TRIM / HP RM?

    In regards to stopping users to save MS Access Database daily (900 revisions so far) we need to offer them something to satisfy the State Records Office regulations and Records Act, meaning, they have to have their data / database intact, with all modifications, revisions , the logs who made what changes and when?

    Can this be achieved differently? They think the best way is to put new revision of the MS Access database in TRIM Database.... how practivle and legal is that.. Sometimes causes the issue with pending quarantine folders and logs...

    Not sure, what to do?


  • Hi PerthRM8, that looks like the correct place.  I'd still like the ability to capture mdb's when archiving shared folders in the future (though I suppose you could zip the mdb's up).  Definitely disable content indexing though. 

    The practice for managing this Access database should be the same as managing all your other corporate databases (eg Finance system, HR system etc).  You don't store other live systems in TRIM so why this one? It should be hosted securely on your IT infrastructure & regularly backed up.  When the system is decommissioned the data can be carried across to the new system or then captured into TRIM.

    Of course if its a document database then it should be decommissioned because MS Access is not a compliant system, even if copies are captured into TRIM.