New records manager (trim) 8.30 - Installation


I see that there is a new HP RM 8.30 , is it available yet?

I cannot see it in the download section... Also, how this new patching system" is going to work?

E.g. we are testing 8.2.7591 and we want to upgrade to 8.3, so is it the new way of installation, automatic patching or ?

Can someone please explain this?



  • Hi there

    Once HPE Records Manager 8.3 is available, it will be in the download area for you to download.  I have no doubt it's availability will be announced on here when it's out.

    In regards to the Patching mechanism, for your particular scenario, patching is not applicable.  Moving from a minor or major to a later minor or major will require a full upgrade.  Patching will only apply to patch-to-patch within the same minor or major series e.g. 8.2 to 8.2 Patch 1

    Here is a general statement for those who are interested in what the patching is and where it is at:

    In 8.2 we announced the introduction of a new patching process. This process only applies to patches and hotfix updates.  Upgrading to a major or minor releases (e.g. 8.x or 9.0) will still require a full upgrade.

    The new update method will allow us to deliver maintenance releases that are much smaller and simpler to work with. This will be particularly the case for hotfixes.

    Unfortunately we’ve encountered a few issues with the technology since releasing 8.2. The patching technnoolgy has progressed with HPE Records Manager 8.3, so it'll be from this release the patching process will be available.

    (I have permission to post the above statement on behalf of the CPE Manager).

    I hope this helps.


    Helen :)

  • So, from 8.1 to 8.2 we should use full install, not a patching.

    OK, thanks. cheers

    I've downloaded the HPE 8.3 specs PDF



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