How to Download OCR Demo/Full version for HP RM8.1 and/or HP RM8.2?


About the OCR Module

I tried to search here and at the main HPE page, and under software downlaods/ free triels, demos etc  but it does not give me the exact link towards the OCR Module for HP RM8.1 / 8.2 


Can someone please point me towards that one (and if anyone else have this module, to advise me what else is needed in order for OCR to work etc. ?



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  • Hi, 

    thank you both, that looks like a good place to start .



  • We've got OCR running in our 8.1.1. patch 1 (7760) Prod. We had some problems getting it setup and operational, we had to log a service request to get the information we needed. I've pulled out the important stuff which you may find helpful and i thought i would share our OCR experience:


    Once you have your services running (Render, IDOL, IDOL Image Server), define Shared Path for IDOL Index Staging in Options of dataset - the UNC path for sharing the documents being processed by IDOL for indexing. The path must be accessible for the IDOL indexing components, i.e. Workgroup Servers, IDOL engine and for OCR, HP Records Manager Render. The path is mandatory only for OCR image processing to work correctly.

    In HP Records Manager Enterprise Studio, under General - File Types, add an appropriate file type for OCR, e.g. TIF or JPG and select Content Indexing and Image Processing (OCR text extraction). Ensure that the file types for the target documents have been configured correctly in Enterprise Studio as the file type extension, and not with a leading asterisk (*). Its not possible to modify the 'default' file type to enable OCR. There is no specific list of supported file types, however the IDOL Image service is using Key View to get the image processed so the Key View supported file types should apply.

    On the Renditions tab, select OCR text. On the right for the field When cataloging a document of this file type(, type ocr 

    Select Delete this rendition when creating a new revision and click OK twice.

    The option to control the automatic processing is found in the Administration System Options, on the Record tab -> Automatically process image files to index image text

    Heres a few additional comments based on our use and experience of OCR to date:


    After optimising event processing, services and adding additional RAM, the OCR process is very resource intensive and time consuming. Implementing OCR now makes me think we need additional server(s) to assist with the load. A large scanned document of say 100 pages or something like 70 MB can take an hour or more to OCR.  With thousands of documents being registered on a daily basis, our OCR most days cannot keep up. On top of this, there is the challenge of OCR'ing all existing documents if you choose to (for us 10mil ).  Id strongly recommend considering these factors.


    There are also some issues that we encountered that we are still dealing with:


    QCCR2D55482 - OCR image service doesn't render the image PDF document correctly if the text in the image is in vertical position. 


    QCCR2D54354 - OCR Text rendition created by HP RM Render for image PDF document only include the first page of the original document (I believe its fixed from HPRM 8.1.1 patch 2 ( )


    QCCR2D56021 - HPRM Render - Service crashes on certain documents. (OCR processing halts with no warning/notification)

  • Amasing, 

    thanks a lot, this is very useful! 

    I will pass info to our IT and Management.



  • Can you demo the OCR module?  That would help making a business case to management.