Another issue - CM 9.4.2 - Large size files cannot be saved to TRIM

Does anyone using the CM 9.4.2 Hotfix 6 has the issue with saving the large video files to trim, e.g. 3 GB ... 

We had a setting in System Options under the Documents - maximum size 99,999,999,999 which is 99GB and even after we removed that limitation, users and us cannot save these documents to TRIM..

the error message is similar to the one when user has the wrong CM Version 9.4.2 without hotfix six


Where should we look to fix this?

Cache (which one?) 

Other settings? TRIM STORE? 

We tried to import it from Shared network drive, from local downloads drive

The search for the documents made since the trim upgrade revealed that the biggest one is 1GB 

Any comments appreciated