Could not connect error message


Database verison - Oracle 11G

HPE CM version - 9.1 build 914

Windows Servier - 2012 R2

i  am upgrading from HPE CM 9.0 to the newest release, HPE CM 9.1 build 914. I have setup a new Windows 2012 R2 Server for the workgroup server. (The Spec documentaion lists this as the minimum)

I am able to connect to my DB using SQL PLUS. Using HPE Content Manager Enterprise Studio configuration, I am able to connect to my DB using the Oracle Provider for OLE DB. Entering in my connection information I get back from the Microsoft Data Link, 'Test connection succeeded.'

When returing to the main screen of Enterprise Studio, my DB name is listed under 'Datasets' but there is a message 'Could not connect.'

I am able to register a workgroup server and start the service. The workgroup server is is listed under Enterprise Studio as being 'Active'

I was able to upgrade the schema of the DB successfully to version 309 but the my workgroup server will not connect to the DB.

When I right click on the name of the workgroup server that I registered, I receive the message, 'Unable to browse the local certificate store. Please ensure that you are running as a local administrator. The underlying error was '[RCF: Call to CertOpenStore( ) failed. OS: 5 - Access is denied.]'.

Please assist.

Thank you in advance!

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