Data Port Byte Order Mark (BOM) Requirement

We are running HPE CM 9.1.1 1002 in our DEV environment and our hand is being forced to upgrade from TRIM 7.35 due to sunset of the product in May of 2017.

We would have upgraded sooner but it has been a persistant problem or should I say challange, since the release of TRIM 8.x requiring the Byte Order Mark (BOM) for importing text tab delimited files.

Our organization uses forms that are constructed using MS Excel to create metadata for ingestation into the application. In MS Excel, there is no option to save a text tab delimited file with the Byte Order Mark (BOM) without opening up another product (Notepad ) and resaving the file using UTF-8 BOM.

Can DataPort have a checkbox option to indicate if the file being imported has a Byte Order Mark (BOM) or not? If it doesn't have the Byte Order Mark (BOM) checkbox checked the application would not be looking for a X'ef', X'bb' and X'bf'?  Or have the application expecting the Byte Order Mark (BOM) and have a check box indicating that the file does not have the BOM? Either way would work for us.

We are not the only organization with this complaint. I have spoken to numerous organizations at user group meetings and this is a common complaint among them.

Performinng an extra step to prep the file for ingestation is not efficiant for our organization. An extra step could cause errors for our operators that upload metadata into the application.

I was working with Richard Kelly a few years back. He developed some other DataPort filters for TRIM 8.x. I recently sent him an email but the address that I had was returned undeliverable.

I'm sure that something can be modified in the program to accomidate this request.

Thank You in advance,

Ralph Furino 

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