Content Indexing Should Be Suppressed - Why Is There A Backlog?

My organization finally had a hold released and I am starting to 'Dispose' of millions of image files cataloged in Content Manager. (Version 9.3.546 Patch 3)

Archiving--> Dispose--> Change the Disposition--> Destroyed

The record type of these image files under the electronic tab specifically has a check box, 'Supress Content Indexing' checked.

Why do I have a backlog displaying on all of my WGS if content indexing was suppressed? When these records were cataloged into Content Manager, content indexing wasn't enabled:




Would it be safe to 'Remove Events' on the WGS? Content indexing wasn't used when they were ingested into the system. Why is disposing of these records using content indexing now?

I am using multiple clients to dispose of these records. I had to halt all of the clients disposal previously to let the content indexing catch up. (Which its processing very slow anyway -- Hours!)

I forgot to mention that I am using IDOL for the content indexing engine.