TRIM 7.10.1132 and Office 2010 integration

Hi all,


I've just got a VM going to test TRIM v7.1 and Office 2010 integration.

Windows 7 x64, TRIM 7.10.1132.

In TRIM, I configured the integration as per the screenshots I've attached.  (NOTE: I know the Word button is unchecked, but I did check it... more to follow)

However, integration is not working.  In Word, if you manage the COM Add-ins via the Add-Ins option, you get an error about the HP TRIM Add-in for Microsoft Office, that says:


Load Behavior: Not loaded.  A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.


Whats happening?


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    Are you using 64bit Office or 32bit?

    Same with TRIM, 64bit or 32bit client?


    They need to match. :smileyhappy:






    64-bit OS, 32-bit Office and 64-bit TRIM.

    So I'm assuming I need to install the 32-bit TRIM?

    Or alternatively install 64-bit Office, but my IT guys tell me that Microsoft recommended to them to not use 64-bit Office at the moment - but I don't know why they said that.