Ad hoc Access Controls



I've had a browse around but couldn't find a topic that answers my problem:


We currently have some code that creates a set of folders and applies Access Control based on a larger folder.  However, recently we've decided to change one of these folders to have separate Access Control settings, to restrict Contribute Contents Access to 2 locations.

My thinking was to add new code to deal with the specific folder.  However, I'm having some difficulty setting the Access Control to more than one location.

I've tried the following (oLoc and oSalLoc are locations):


.SetAccessControlDetailsEx dxAddContents, asPrivate, oLoc
.SetAccessControlDetails dxAddContents, asPrivate, oSalLoc


My thinking was that the first line would clear any existing Contribute Contents access and set it to oLoc, and the second line would then add oSalLoc to the list, so I would end up with both.

I'm not sure if the asPrivate restricts it to a single value (oLoc or oSalLoc), but I couldn't figure out how to use the Ad Hoc value (asAdHoc doesn't seem to be recognised).


I'd prefer not to have to set up a Group containing these two locations, so any help would be appreciated.




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