Where are the .NET bindings to the ServiceAPI?

I've recently used the HPRM ServiceAPI (the REST/JSON interface) from a Linux C application and it worked very well.  Now I need to perform a similar task from within a C# .NET app, however although it looks like there are .NET bindings for the ServiceAPI, I can't seem to find where they are!

The ServiceAPI documentation says this:

Using the .Net Client Libraries

The .Net client libraries are installed in the folder DotNetClient, to use them:

  1. copy them to your client machine,
  2. reference them from a .Net Solution
  3. from the class in which you will call the ServiceAPI add the following using statements:
    • using HP.HPTRIM.Service.Client
    • using HP.HPTRIM.ServiceModel;

Ensure that all five DLLs are referenced:

  • HP.HPTRIM.Service.Client.dll
  • HP.HPTRIM.ServiceModel.dll
  • ServiceStack.Common.dll
  • ServiceStack.Interfaces.dll
  • ServiceStack.Text.dll

But I can't find those DLLs.  They aren't included in any of the installation files I have, and they aren't installed on a machine with HPRM Desktop installed.  I can't see a "DotNetClient" folder anywhere.

Whereabouts do you obtain these DLLs from?

I am hoping using these will work better than the .NET SDK as from what I read this will be slowly phased out, and it's not as easy to work with either (e.g. you need HPRM installed on the machine running the .NET app, which is not so great for a server-side program, and you can't easily specify which user to connect to in the event that the service account running your app does not have HPRM access.)

For this reason I'd like to stick with the REST/JSON ServiceAPI interface, however before I go down the path of issuing raw HTTP GET/POST commands and deserialising the JSON myself, I'd like to investigate the above .NET library as it looks like it handles all this already.

Any pointers to where you can obtain this will be much appreciated!

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    Why is posting a public message the most effective way of solving the problem yourself?

    I just ended up with access to the ServiceAPI server for another reason, and while fixing an issue there I stumbled across these .dll files.  The "DotNetClient" folder is in the Service_API folder on the server.  You can actually access it via the web (/ServiceAPI/DotNetClient/xxx.dll) except that the server tries to run the .dll files instead of letting you download them, so you still need server access (or the Service API install) to get them.

    Either way, I have the files now!

  • This is the kind of post I like to see.  Sorry the files were not more available, maybe we should put them on Nuget.

    In addition to the help included in the ServiceAPI I have a few articles here which may be of assistance:


    We also have a new samples site on GitHub which we hope to add more to as time allows.

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