Upgrade SQL Server along with RM Servers

We will soon upgrade our servers from TRIM 7.1 to RM 8.3.  I understand that you first have to upgrade the 7,.1 dataset to 7.3 before you can upgrade to 8.3.   The SQL Server we are using now is 2008.

Once we shut down the 7.1 dataset and start the upgrade, we want to upgrade the SQL Server to 2012.

Can we upgrade the SQL Server to 2012 before we upgrade the datasets or do we have to upgrade the 7.1 dataset to 7.3 using SQL Server 2008.?  Will it work if the 7.1 dataset is attached to SQL Server 2012?  I assume we can upgrade the 7.3 dataset to 8.3 with SQL Server 2012.

Thanks for your help.  Any comments will be appreciated.




  • I wouldn’t recommend doing so as part of the same distinct task.

    The changes you need to make are minor, including:

    Within SQL Server
    * Move the database
    * Change the compatibility level within the SQL database

    If using a native SQL driver:
    * Install the correct SQL Native driver on all Workgroup servers

    Enterprise Studio:
    * Change the dataset connection string to use the new driver
    * Change the dataset connection string to use the new server

    Other things to check:
    * Authentication method between TRIM and SQL
    * Crystal Reports or other utilities directly connecting to TRIM

    Since the move from 7.1 to 7.3 requires a schema change you should do it outside of the tasks above. Get the platform correct and then upgrade, or upgrade and then move the platform. But you REALLY need a backup before schema Change, and you cannot restore a 2008 backup onto a 2012 Server.
  • Since you cannot restore a 2008 backup on a 2012 SQL Server, it looks like the schema change will be done while we are using SQL Server 2008.

    Would you agree?



  • Verified Answer

    It’s best answered by your SQL admins. The scheme repair will require double the current size of the DB be available. If your 2008 is aging and doesn’t perform as well as the 2012, do the scheme work on 2012.

    Your only concern would be how to restore in case the upgrade fails. To me that means having it all on 2012 makes the most sense. That way if it fails you don’t have to fail back to 2008.
  • Erik,

    Thank you.  We will talk to our admins Monday 10/16.