About HPE Records Manager ExchangeLink

In the introduction of the RM8.3_ExchangeLink.pdf it is written:

HPE Records Manager ExchangeLink enables users to file email items to a mail folder, which checks
them into the equivalent HPE Records Manager container record.

This enables user to file mail items quickly to frequently used HPE Records Manager containers
whithout the need to have the HPE Records Manager client open on their computers.

Users can set up and manage multiple email links of this type, as required.


Can someone explain to me how this is different from the RM Add-In configured in the Outlook client?  It seems to me you can do everything stated in the introduction thru the RM Add-In.

I understand that once the ExchangeLink is configured you can  link a RM container thru the

Send To - Add To Email Links.  

What is the added functionality in doing this?   If there is added functionality, it doesn't seem to be fully explained in the documentation.



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  • The point is no client install.  If you are happy to have a client install then Outlook addin is for you.  Although one benefit irrespective of whether you want a client install is that the processing happens on the server so if you catalog a bunch of email it does not tie up your machine.

    No client install means no need for Outlook so OWA or mobile email can be used.