HP CM 9.0 Web client / thin client integration question

We are setting up a test environment for HPE CM 9.0, we have the web client up and running all ok.  Authentication is via Azure AD, logging in works and the web client loads.

We have installed the thin client, ticked 'Use web client' in the Options of the ribbon, and entered the web client URL.  When trying to Open a document via the ribbon, we get an error:
"The remote server returned an error: (500) Internet Server error. webclienturl/.../me

Event viewer of the web server shows:

[22737] Client machine: HPCM9x64; client user: hpcm_service
Error connecting to the HPE Content Manager dataset 'CM' on HPE Content Manager Workgroup Server ''. Connection to dataset 'HPCMv9(CM)' for 'hpcm_service' failed. The supplied login name has not been registered as a HPE Content Manager user and no guest account is available.

The account 'hpcm_service' is the user account that is used as the identity for the IIS application.  It's almost like the thin client doesn't know who the user is account is trying to really connect.  Do I need to configure something else? The documentation hasn't helped clear up anything.

Any advice appreciated.

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