Title Word Searching in Content Manager 9

I have a new installation of Content Manager 9 on which I am performing preliminary investigations into code changes needed as a result of a planned upgrade from version 6.  The installation seems to be mostly working and I have partially emulated our legacy systems model of Classifications, Folders etc. Using the desktop interface I have created document records, checked in files etc.  Unfortunately searching by "Title Word" does not work.  The word index was regenerated from Enterprise Studio and if I search the index words they are all visible.  However record searches based on "Title Word" return no results, but searches by "Free Text Title" locate documents without problem.  I also note that the "Structured Title" is blank but I have no idea what that is!

This problem probably stems from an omission or error in configuration but finding it has defeated me.  Can anyone help?






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  • Thanks for your reply, this was the problem. IDOL had been selected for title searches but IDOL was not configured.  I actually spotted this yesterday having noticed that there were no queries hitting the database when searching by title.  It suggested that some other agent was supposed to be performing the search but was failing.

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