Locations - Visitor vs Guest

Hi All

I hope everyone is well and safe - I have a question in relation to Locations what is the difference between a guest and a visitor?  We would like to allow users outside of the organisation to have access to our dataset, the reason being that there is a need for them to either review or approve a document.   It doesn't happen often but it does happen, looking at the help files it appears that you can make a user a visitor without losing a licence seat is there anyone using this feature that could give us more information on how it works?


  • Hi Shelley,

    I haven't used this functionality myself, but recall reading in the release notes previously about the visitor functionality.

    My understanding is that it is for clients that have more than one dataset operating on the same environment/servers. Basically the user would have a home dataset where they would use a licence, when they go to another dataset in that environment they could be set up as a visitor (permissions have to be the same as their home dataset) and they wouldn't then use one of the licences/seats in that dataset.

    Probably not the functionality that you are after.

    Im not aware of any OOB functionality that would work for you. I think the best approach is to create them a location and temporarily assign one of your licences to them when they need to get in there. 

    Good luck.


  • Thanks AG, that would actually solve part of our issue, as we manage multiple datasets for separate entitities but approval lines may cross over.....I will try to find out more info.