Sorting with HPRM 8.2 Web Service

Hi All,

When using the web service, what is the default sort - and is there any way to sort by relevance?

Is there any way to enable sorting by user defined fields?  



  • Mine's defaulting to sort by record number extended descending, I'm sure this is something you can modify in hptrim.config though

    By relevance, do you mean IDOL weighting? I don't think TRIM has relevance as a field out of the box, but you could potentially mirror the weight info into a user defined field and then sort on it.

    To get a list of sort fields supported by CM9, go to the thick client, search for a record and go to the sort tab, the dropdown contains a subset of fields that are allowed to be sorted on.

  • To add to what Jan said, no there is no way to sort by Additional Field.  These are not indexed in the database, to sort by them requires we pull the entire result set down and sort in memory.

    You will note that the native client just does this when you sort a result set by additional field.

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  • Then it would seem to be better to use something like Elasticsearch or Solr, to index and access items in a RM or CM datastore, because then you would also get facets and weighting of results by relevance.  I may go in that direction.

  • I guess so, but it seems like a waste to have to do so when you IDOL is already TRIMs content indexer of choice... 

    Having a look at the "Document content search methods" has the following note:

    In HPE COntent Manager, the items in the search result appear in order of relevance

    So perhaps as long as your query contains a "content" search, the sort occurs on the back end but you are unable to interact with it any further, maybe someone from HP can clarify?