Issue faced in 9.4

Dear All,

Is anyone have moved to version 9.4 yet? Is any issue faced or any challange noticed during upgrade or using any feature.


We are planning to upgrade to 9.4 soon.




  • First thing after an upgrade is that Record Types don't work properly - when you try and create a new record, there are no Record Types listed to select from. There is a Hotfix for this (the latest I have is Hotfix 2, and will be testing this in a day or two). This also fixes the issue when you try and uninstall IDOL Media Server.

    Lookup sets also have problems. We ended up writing a little program to repair them post-upgrade.

    We have also found a few other 'niggles' that we have logged with MF.

    So, test thoroughly!




  • We currently have 9.4 in a test environment.  I haven't encountered any problems yet.  Mike, could you please elaborate a bit on the problems you have seen?  Thank you!


  • Hi Carol,

    Here a just a few of them:

    Application crashes when a character is types in a right click field

    When a CM user opens the Properties of a record, selects a tab that normally requires the user to right-click to make an entry (e.g. contacts, related records, renditions etc) and attempts to type a character, there is a small delay before the client closes without warning.

    This behaviour can be replicated when creating a new record or for an existing record.

    This behaviour also causes desktop integrated applications to freeze or crash. This occurs if the user performs the above action while saving a new document or email.

    This behaviour is present in both the CM full client and the Desktop client.

    Cannot PROCESS a Document Queue using the CM 9.4 Desktop client

    Cannot PROCESS a Document Queue using the CM 9.4.341 Desktop client. The Desktop client stops working. A message is displayed indicating that the application has stopped. The full CM 9.4.341 client processes the same queues successfully.

    Search methods drop-down includes all search methods

    In both the CM9.4 Desktop and full client, the drop-down option for all search options (e.g. Records, Locations etc) and their related search methods contains many searches rather than just the recently used search methods. It does not appear to be possible to edit this list.

    CM9.4 Desktop client includes the user Option > Startup

    The CM9.4.341 Desktop client includes the user Option > Startup which offers all trays and windows for startup despite Desktop only ever starting up at Recent Documents. It’s unclear whether this is a bug or whether Micro Focus intended for Desktop to have other Startup options. None of the Startup options can be activated in the Desktop client.
    The option to 'Associate CM Reference Files' can now be set from the Startup option using Desktop however.

    Explorer browse option (HOME tab) does not launch when using the CM 9.4 Desktop

    The Explorer browse option (HOME tab) does not launch when using the CM 9.4.341 Desktop client (the button does nothing). An Explorer window can however be activated using the KwikSelect icon to navigate to a container (if the user Option > Search > Starting point when searching > For a container has been set to Explorer).

    New CR number created: OCTCR6J301005: Explorer browse option (HOME tab) does not launch when using the CM 9.4 Desktop

    The Dashboard display option does not launch when using the CM 9.4 Desktop

    The Dashboard display option (HOME tab) does not launch when using the CM 9.4.341 Desktop client (button is always grey). This option cannot be removed from the ribbon even if the CM Feature: User Dashboard is deactivated (unlike commands related to other Features). This option is available using the CM full client.

    OCTCR6J302023 - The Dashboard display option does not launch when using the CM 9.4 Desktop

    When the Workflow feature is deactivated an associated search option remains on the ribbon

    When the Workflow feature is disabled, the Workflows and Activities buttons are removed from the SEARCH tab (as expected). An issue occurs in that a command named Saved Workflow Searches remains on the SEARCH tab. This option cannot be removed.

    CPE(Current Product Engineering) has created a Change Request for this one and the CRID is OCTCR6J305004. A resolution for this CR will be provided in the next patch for CM 9.4.

    Deselecting the Workflow feature destabilises other system options

    When the Workflow feature is deselected (ADMINISTRATION > System > Features) and saved, the following happens:
    - the Workflow option is removed from the System Options page
    - the Classification option window becomes blank
    - the options listed below Classification display the settings associated with the system option listed above. For example: the Barcodes option displays the Classification settings; the Web Services option displays the Barcodes settings.
    The above occurs for all settings listed below Classification until the Workflow feature is reactivated and saved.
    This has been tested for all currently available 9.4 releases

    OCTCR6J303013 Options and Configuration - Deselecting the Workflow feature destabilises other System Options


    These have all been submitted to MF. There is another one just about to be submitted to MF relating to the Bypass View Metadata Access Controls setting on the standard Records Manager profile – long story short it doesn’t work Frowning2  This permission however works on any other User Type.


    PS: Sorry about the delay - have been busy 

  • In addition to what has been mentioned we've also seen an issue with lookup sets being 'disconnected' from additional fields.  I have reported to Micro Focus and this is still being tested/validated by them.   Do thorough testing before committing to Production upgrade.  Typically our clients run UAT in Test for several weeks before committing to the Production upgrade.  This includes following scripts for extensive testing of Admin and end user tasks. 

  • Thought i would let you know that we received a fix from Micro Focus for this problem and it involves running a SQL script. If your interested, here it is:


    SET exStringValidationType=1

    where exLookupSetUri >0

    After running the SQL script please restart all Workgroup services.

    Here is KM related:

    The issue with lookup set will be fixed in the next Patch release of 9.4 at this stage you can use the workaround as above.

    Hoping that this might help you to progress. 

  • Mike, were you able to find a fix to the problem of the program crashing when a character is typed in the right-click field?  I am having a similar problem in 9.4 and if you had a solution to your problem it might also fix mine.

  • Hi,

    Yes, we received a modified tsjocx.dll to replace the original one. I believe this has been included in the latest hotfix for 9.4.0. It is also part of the 9.4.1 patch.