CM 9.4 form search customization


we are migrating our current RM 8.1 to CM 9.4. our observation is on the form search display. in CM 9.4 we need keep the form searches into favorites and then refresh the browser it will display in the dropdown. then user will select the form search the page is displaying differently compare to 8.1. 

1. is it possible to directly add the search forms ( we have only single search form)  to the dropdown instead adding to favorite.

2 . in CM 9.4 the date fields are showing "String format" as default which is causing user to change to "Date range" to select the date pickers.---is it possible to change it the default to "Date range"?.

3 . the form search pop-up has additional tabs " FILTER" and "RECORD TYPE". is it possible to remove it from page. these tabs doesn't useful to the user.

if above customization not possible , can we write our own page to add it into dropdown for recrods.