Has HPRM support's performance gone down?

I'm quite disappointed at HPRM support for the last few months. Not sure what happened but I have been receiving support from technicians who I have not worked with before and most of their responses were either stalling for time or something of that effect. I'm ok with people saying "IDK, but I will get back to you". However, my experience is that their "later" now is 2 or 3 weeks later. When they do response, many times they response with some info that I never requested or doesn't relate to my issues. Very often, I have to ask them to call me back and then hear the same old song again.

Is this happening to anyone else? Are they short-staffed?



  • Hi Tom,

    Sorry to hear that your support experience hasn't been to the normal standard that you would expect.
    Record Manager support has recently brought a new team online in the APJ region. However that is not an excuse for extended delays, especially in response times.

    Of course, during the case if you are unsatisfied with the current status  you can request a callback, ask for the case to be elevated to a senior support officer. If you have a current case open now that is need of closer attention send me the ticket number and I can action it for you now.

    I encourage you to complete a survey when your case comes to completion and honestly rate the experience that you have negative or positive. These surveys are directly delivered to management and will give them real data about  what is failing in your support experience.

    I have sent this post along as well so they will be following, if you or anyone else would like to share their experiences or suggestions please feel free to respond here or in your case surveys.


  • Hi Tom,

    Level 1 support performance has certainly fallen in the last year or so, I've found myself having to provide details two or three times. Additionally, I am assuming it is a timezone issue - but the tech like to get in contact with you 30 mins after close of business. In software terms, it is particularly evident that they have limited experience and knowledge.

    Level 2 support is great, however, once you get past that first barrier. Highly knowledgable and generally get the issue sorted, or escalated in good time.


  • @Greg Fraser_1: Thank you for the offer! The issue I'm working on is 5310015644. Ticket was created on July 1 and after almost one month, they gave me absolutely nothing useful. I requested it to escalate to higher level technician twice - the last one was 1 week ago, and mentioned that it's a high priority item for us. I don't expect the full answer but whatever info that can help us move forward just a little bit.

    In the last few months, 2 other colleagues and I observed these practices:

    1. After initial contact, there will usually be no further follow up for at least a week or when we have to follow up ourselves
    2. If a callback is requested, a phone call will be made, an email will be sent out, but they basically do the same thing - telling us to wait with no estimate of follow-up date. I have had 2 occasions when I was promised a follow-up and then forgotten. I support many clients too so I understand that there are times when you are in over your head. But not escalating to someone better will not resolve anything but making things worse. 
    3. We counted 3 times when we reported the issue, did our own testing to help identify the cause of the issue, reported that as well. A week or so went by and no follow up. We got impatient and asked for an update. The update came: "Oh yeah, we confirmed that is a known issue."
    4. I try to fill out as many survey as I can. However, when the issue is escalated to a higher level technician, the ticket owner is switched to that technician. So when the survey comes, it's about the later technician. That guys is good and I have no way to complain about the previous technician.

    @AG_NTG I agree with you, the issue of giving the same info several times is so common. I got so frustrated with one technician with that issue that I had to ask to never assign me that technician.

    APJ support is the worst. I advise my colleagues to avoid them as much as possible or they are just in for some disappointment. They will make initiate contact and disappear. Twice they specifically told me on the phone that they would send me the info mentioned on the call and then disappeared. I had to follow up with another team.

    It seems the technicians I was working with have all been promoted. Good for them! Their knowledge and customer service were good.


  • Thanks the the info you sent through Tom. I have sent you a reply via email.